USED G2 Standard Rear Differential. We installed fresh bearings and seals. The bearings and seals are high end brands include Timken SKF and KOYO and our pinion seal.

This fits the following:
2012-2018 G2 ATVs 450/500/570/650/800R/850/1000/1000R (excluding 800/850/1000/1000R XMR trim level)

2019+ 450/570 models, XMR 570 see note below


Please note some 2019+ 570 XMRs have the larger rear differential, the parts diagrams haven’t been accurate enough to verify fitment. The best way to verify fitment is to measure your pinion seal outer diameter, this differential has a 70mm seal, this is about 1.75 inches. The larger differentials will have an 80mm seal, this is a touch over 3 inches. If you have fitment concerns please contact us, we are happy to help you. 
Part Number 703501019