NEW OEM CVT cover with heat shield installed from factory Fits: Maverick 1000R two seat 2013-2014 Commander 1000 MAX four seat 2014-2016 Commander 800R MAX four seat 2017-2019 ONE Breather hole in front of Primary clutch. This is the cover with the most room. Common to use this on newer V-twin 1000R Mavericks with aftermarket clutches that do not require the extra breathers. Inner cover 420611407 Outer cover 420212318 13 Hex head CVT housing bolts 420440568 Gasket 420430126 O-rings – 420430407 and 420631087 Hex Bolts – 420440207 Also has a nut and washer – 232561434, 224061121 Nylon drain plug and clamp