This is the high end XMR rear differential replacement.

The differential has all forged Carburized (case hardened) alloy gears, and high end bearings inside billet cases.

These gears are set up to very specific tolerances, ready for years of abuse.

These are sold with a six month warranty on the gears, lifetime on the cases.

These gears require a break in period of 75-100 miles

This is the aftermarket upgraded  XMR 1000 rear differential found in 2013-18 1000/1000R XMR.

You will have to clearance your surrounding brackets to install as this is a beefier case.

The drain plug access hole in your frame may have to be enlarged also.

It is also used in the G2 800 XMR & 850 XMR. It will fit g2 bikes (500/650/800/1000) if you are upgrading you will need to shorten your shaft 1.75″ or by purchasing a conversion shaft, we can help with application, please ask! (G1 bikes will require further modifications to work).

This differential has automotive style cut gears, tapered roller bearings, along with an overall larger gear size when comparing it to the standard differential.

There are a total of three bearings on the pinion gear giving it much more support over the standard rear differentials, this requires a shorter driveshaft, as mentioned earlier if you are swapping this in place of a standard differential.

Pinion spline count 20, standard differentials use 18 spline pinion shafts, that are smaller in diameter. In every way this is a beefier differential.

Replaces current part numbers 705502178,  705502090 this does not have the ABS sensor hole.