NEW OEM Can Am Updated Cam Chain and Updated Guide Set

2006-Current V Twins 500, 570, 650, 800

These chains and guides are a common issue on 2006-2008 500/650/800 V-twin ATV’s.

The chains fail and start cutting the plastic guides.
One of two things happen:
One, the Camshaft (generally the front cylinder head, first) becomes out of time, and the valves hit the piston.
Two, the oil pick up screen becomes clogged with guide material. Engine oil can not be cycled through the engine, generally this spins the big end connecting rod bearings.

This kit includes updated chains and guides, totally avoiding this problem.

Order QTY 1 (one) per engine.

Kit includes:

2 Chains 420297063
2 pivot guides 420436015
2 fixed guides 420236584
2 bottom guides 420236351

Will not work on 1000/1000R Engines

To install the timing chain kit you will need to remove the PTO Cover, Stator Cover, and Cylinder Heads.

We sell the gaskets and pullers required to do this. Check our other listings for these products