G2 ATV Rear Differential Swap Kit
Kit includes: Rear Differential, Rear driveshaft, Bolt and Washer.

This kit includes a rear differential with:
Tapered roller bearings
Three bearings on the pinion gear
6 inch diameter ring gear

Options for Spiral Bevel Gears or Straight Cut Gears

Spiral Bevel Gears are sourced from the 2013-18 800 850 and 1000 XMR differentials.
Current part number 705502546 Old part numbers: 705502178 & 705502090

Straight Cut gears are sourced from the 2019+ 650+ differentials.
Current part number 705502808

The driveshaft included is an OEM shaft with the correct end yokes for your application.
The differential end yoke will not use a wear ring, this has been done away with by BRP the yoke is what the pinion seal touches now.

You will need to fill the differential with 250ml (8.4oz) of 75W-140 gear oil and transfer over your fill plug and washer.
The torque spec on the driveshaft retaining bolt is 55ftlbs with thread locker applied.