NEW Fox Podium Adjustable Shocks for Can-Am ATV’s

Will fit most Gen 1 and Gen 2 up to 2018 ATV’s

Kit comes with: 2 – Front Shocks 2 – Rear Shocks
New Locking Nuts for top and bottom mounts

Shock body measures just under 1-3/4″ Rough measurements on the lengths 18 1/2″ eye to eye 19 3/4″ eye to eye

You may be able to transfer over your current springs, to keep your colors matching!

Comes as pictured

If you are installing on g1 outlander, the lower inner mounts on the trailing arms need to be ground on to clear the shock body. The shocks need to be inverted in the rear also to clear. The last picture shows this.

Number 715001471