This is the XMR 1000 rear differential found in 2013-2018 800R 850 1000/1000R XMR.

It will fit g2 bikes (500/650/800/850/1000) if you are upgrading you will need to shorten your shaft 1.75? or buy a kit from us, please see our other listings.

This differential has automotive style cut gears, tapered roller bearings, along with an overall larger gear size. There are a total of three bearings on the pinion gear giving it much more support over the standard rear differentials, this requires a shorter driveshaft, as mentioned earlier if you are swapping this in place of a standard differential.

Pinion spline count 20, standard differentials use 18 spline pinion shafts, that are smaller in diameter. If you are upgrading you will need a 20 spline end yoke to match.

In every way this is a beefier differential.

To bolt your driveshaft on this differential you will need a M10x1.25 16mm long bolt (not included)

Current part number 705503535
Old part number 705502546 705502178,  705502090