Can-am Rear G2 2012 and newer prop shaft.

All New All OEM Shaft OEM U-joints, with OEM gearbox seal protector installed.

Correct shaft for Single Seat (SWB) 2012-14 1000 Outlander or Renegade with 1000 XMR rear differential.

WILL NOT WORK ON 2015 Outlander 1000/1000R and newer as these have the smaller gearbox.

Direct replacement for 2016-Current Renegade 1000R XMR

**Please note, this is the most updated shaft and does not require a wear ring on the differential side of the shaft. The last two pictures illustrate this.**

20 Spline Gearbox side yoke
20 Spline Differential side yoke

Current Part number: 703500990
Previous Part number: 703500928 703500901