Updated Can-am Rear G2 Driveshaft

2019+ Outlander 1000R (excluding MAX and XMR)
2019+ Outlander 650/850 (excluding MAX)
2019+ Renegade 650/850

All new all OEM Shaft OEM U-joints.

OEM protector ring installed

Gearbox side yoke swapped to 18 spline

Current Part number: 703500988

Previous Part number: 703500858 703500931

If you have a 2019+ 570  short wheel base single rider, this may be the correct shaft for your application, the parts fiche may not show the correct part number. You will need to measure the outer diameter of your rear differential’s pinon seal, this shaft will only work with machines that have a 80mm pinion seal. If you measure 70mm you will need 703500986.

20 spline differential side yoke (fits 705502808/705502546 rear differential)

18 spline gearbox side yoke (small gearbox size)

No wear ring needed, the deferential side yoke is machined to the outer diameter that a wear ring would be.