There are a few options for kits, please verify your differential uses this style of gears before ordering!

This will only fit six mounting hole differentials.

Late G1 Early G2 Standard Rear Differential Ring 36t and Pinion 10t gear set Pinion bolt size is M10, this may be different than what you are replacing.

OEM Rear Differential Gear set 10/36 Ring and Pinion gear set. The gears are straight cut as pictured. This kit should be installed by an experienced technician.

Open up the differential! Check for two bearings total (one on each side) on the ring gear. If you only have two proceed to the next measurement. Measure your outer diameter of your axle seals! They should measure close to 1 3/4? (47mm) To further verify fitment you can measure your pinion pilot shaft, this should be 9/16″ (14mm) The pictures show this very clearly. Please take the time to measure your parts before buying this will save time and restocking fees.