NEW OEM GEARBOX 570s come with a lower ratio gearbox than the normal low ratio gearboxes found in the 650’s and 500’s

The extra low ratio gearbox will help bottom end power and with larger tires, this is the lowest ratio small gearbox.

Current Part Number 420686569
Replaces: 420686567 420686560 420686561

This is found in Outlander or Renegade 570 DPS XT or XMR
Will work in 650,800,850, and 2015 and newer 1000/1000R ATV’s

Teeth count and gear ratio
Ring & Pinion 38/28 = 1.357
High Gear set 46/20 = 2.300
Low Gear set 31/14 = 2.214
High final ratio 3.341:1
Low final ratio 5.662:1

2015 and newer non XMR outlander 1000’s have this style gearbox, if you have fitment questions, please contact us!

If you are installing this on an early G1 ATV you will need to transfer over your gear position sensors.