NEW SEIZMIK STRIKE Side mirror set

Both drivers and passengers side mirrors Pro Fit mounts for the goofy looking D shaped with a channel roll cage will not fit round cages We test fitted these on our defender with the OEM flip glass windshield, there is enough room for the bracket to mount and the windshield to seal as it should.

Features: Adaptive 360 Bracket Rotation: Will accommodate any angle roll cage pillar & provide optimal viewing position, so you can mount it high or low and adjust to perfect position every time
Full Breakaway Geometry: Designed to break away during impacts to prevent damage
Convex mirrors more than double your field of rear view
High-Impact ABS Plastic Housing: Resists damage
Ball Socket Joint: Provides a broad range of viewing angles
Heavy-Duty Steel Mounting Clamp: Low mass design provides maximum strength and durability
Convex Mirror Surface: provides wider viewing ranger and image stabilization
Shatter Resistant Safety Glass Position Tension Adjustment Bolt: Always be able to keep it tight as new

CANAM Cage Styles Defender: Pro Fit Cage
Maverick Trail/Sport: Pro Fit Cage
OG Maverick/Commander: Round  2.0”

Part number 18093