Maverick X3

  • Can-am Style Plastic Fender rivets. BRAND NEW Pack of 25 For 8mm (5/16") holes great for holding plastic fenders together, works on Maverick, Commander, Outlander and Renagade Replaces part numbers 293150089 293150230
  • OEM Canam Insert, this holds cab interior panels together in your maverick or commander. Part Numbers: 707900133 503189273
  • Can-am OEM tool. High-quality, heat-treated steel for superior strength. A tool needed to pull primary clutches off the crank shaft taper. Part Number: 529035746
  • Cam Am rubber bellow for front or rear differential. This is a brand new OEM rubber bellows. Part number 705400352
  • OEM Canam Insert, this holds cab interior panels together in your maverick or commander. Part Number: 707900133
  • Can Am XPS premium coolant extended life premixed do not add water Extended Life Premixed Antifreeze/Coolant provides extended protection against rust corrosion and pitting caused by cavitation for all coolant system metals including aluminum. It provides protection against radiator freeze-up down to -37*C (-34.6*F) and boil over to 129*C (264.2*F) with a 100 kilopascal (15psi) radiator cap  in good working condition. This is orange in color 1 U.S. quart (32 fl. oz) 946 ml Part Number: 779150
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    SHIPS FREE TO THE LOWER 48 STATES This is a brand new OEM Can-am Belt.  It will fit all 500, 650, 800, 800R, 570, 850, 1000 Outlanders and Renegades. This is the factory belt for the all 2006 to current Can-am v-twin ATV’s. OEM belts are the best choice for longevity and strength. OLD Part Number 715000302 NEW Part Number 422280360 We also sell a belt change tool. Please check out our other items to make swapping this belt on easy. ***MADE IN USA or Japan****
  • NEW CV Tech Primary Clutch Puller for can am engines Replaces OEM puller part number 529035746 7/8″ Hex Head Measurements listed in picture We have found this to work on both the factory primary and CV tech primary clutches. THIS IS NOT A TOOL RENTAL, IF YOU USE THE TOOL YOU OWN IT!
  • Can Am Maverick X3 center cap axle nut cover WILL ONLY WORK ON MAVERICK X3 This mounts to the wheel hub, not the wheel. Part number 705401841
  • Can Am Maverick X3 Maverick Sport/Trail  or Defender Belt change kit. M36x2.0 thread size works on all X3's and Defenders Will not fit QRS clutches found on “OG” mavericks This is a OEM tool and bolt Spreader It is recommended to use a coin in between the bolt and the clutch to avoid marring up the clutch. The bolt has the correct T30 bit on one end to remove the cvt cover bolts with your 13mm wrench/socket. We highly suggest a ratchet and T30 socket on a 3 inch extension to speed up the job. Part number 708200720 and 529000088 This set works in place of 708200686
  • SHIPS FREE TO THE LOWER 48 STATES This will replace the functionality of the VISCO Lock in any Can-am Front differential. 2006 to Current including X3. Installs in place of the “spider gears” Will not fit models with an electronic smart lok front differential Very simple to install. One measurement to make. The TORQ Locker is the most advanced, strongest, highest quality automatic locking differential on the planet, proven in the most extreme vehicles from hard-core Rock Crawling, racing the King of the Hammers, Rock Bouncing, Sand Dunes and Mud Drags. To back this all up, Torq-Masters Industries offers an unprecedented 4 year warranty on the TORQ Locker with no tire size, horsepower limits or loopholes, quadruple the warranty of any other automatic locker on the market. Torq-Masters Industries is committed to building the highest quality locking differentials possible. To be the best, we build with the best, TORQ Locker is 100 percent Made in the USA with 100 percent USA raw materials. Keep it Simple, no air-lines to leak, compressors to fail, cables to adjust or electrical gremlins, the TORQ Locker gives you piece of mind as a reliable, mechanical, automatic locker that can handle any terrain. The TORQ Locker design eliminates and integrates pesky locker components seen in all other automatic drop-in lockers. The spacers are gone and the dowel pins are now machined into the Cam Gears to form key-ways. The innovative design features of the TORQ Locker have three game-changing benefits: No dowel pins to install or fail. The Key-Way design of the Cam gears can’t shear, ever. Easiest Locker on the market to install, no spacers, no dowel pins, one measurement. Best On-Road manners of any automatic locker; the Key-Way design is more forgiving than the rigid dowel pin design. The Key-Way allows for smoother locker engagement. By eliminating the spacers they eliminated the leading cause of the pop some people experience with automatic lockers. Listing is for the TORQ Locker only. Differential carrier shown in pictures is for reference only.
  • NEW OEM Winch Switch 710002052 New Genuine OEM  Can-Am 4 Wheel Drive Switch This operates the winch on your SXS This is a two position momentary rocker switch. Fits: Commander, Maverick and Maverick Turbo, Maverick X3, Maverick Sport, Defender If you aren't sure if this will fit, please ask, we will help! Part number 710002052