Air & Fuel

  • Brand new Genuine OEM air filter Fits 2016-Current Defenders HD5, HD8, and HD10’s both 3 and 6 seat machines Fits 2018-Current Maverick Trail 800 and 1000’s Fits 2019-Current Maverick Sport 1000 Part number 715900394
    Air Pressure sensor, this goes in the Black plastic Intake manifold. Will work on any 2006 to current Can am Outlander, Renegade, Commander, Maverick, Defender 500 570 650 800 850 1000 XT XMR MAX or XXC The Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor or MAP sensor is a sensor that is attached to the intake manifold. The MAP sensor responds to changes in the intake manifold pressure (vacuum) and provides a reading of engine load. How it works is 5 volts DC is supplied to the sensor from the ECU. Inside the MAP sensor there is a resistor that moves in relation to intake manifold pressure. The resistor varies the voltage between about 1V to 4.5V (depending on engine load) and that voltage signal is returned to the PCM to indicate manifold pressure (vacuum). This signal is essential for the PCM to determine fuel delivery. Part numbers: 420874650 707000564 707000995 0 261 230 030 ALFA ROMEO 46553045 ALFA ROMEO 46533518 CHERY S21-3614021 FIAT 46553045 FIAT 77364869 FIAT 7084986 FIAT 0000046553045 FIAT 46533518 LANCIA 46533518 LANCIA 0000046553045 LANCIA 46553045 MOOSE  2120-0994 PROTON PW810694 ROTAX (BOMBARDIER-ROTAX GMBH) 874 650 SCANIA 5166434
    New Genuine OEM fuel cap 709000868 Fits 2016-2020 Defender HD5, HD8, and HD10 2017-2020 Defender Max HD8 and HD10 2018-2020 Maverick Trail 800R and 1000 2019-2020 Maverick Sport 1000 and 1000R 2019-2020 Maverick Sport Max 1000 and 1000R 2017-2020 Maverick X3 and Maverick X3 Max
  • Genuine Can Am 800R/1000 Green Fuel Injector OEM Part Part number: 420874833 replaces 420874830
    New Genuine OEM Works on 2014-2020 Commander and Commander Max (2011-2013 Do not have a oxygen sensor) 2013-2018 Maverick and Maverick Max 2017-2020 Maverick X3 and Maverick X3 Max 2018-2020 Maverick Trail 2019-2020 Maverick Sport 2017-2020 Defender and Defender Max If your machine has ECO mode it will have a oxygen Sensor from factory Part number 707600872
  • New Genuine OEM Fits 2017-2020 Maverick X3 and Maverick X3 Max 2019-2020 Maverick Sport Old part number 707800855 Current part number 715900422
    LinQ Stackable Fuel Caddy with brackets to mount on G2 ATV's and SXS with the LinQ system WILL NOT FIT G2L or G1 ATV LinQ mounting holes need to be 16" on center 14.5-liter (3.8 US gallons) capacity Very solid mounting system for carrying extra fuel No tools need to install, mounting blocks twist into place and lock in solid. This caddy has a rubber strap to secure the lock 100% Part numbers: 715004960 295100752
  • New All Balls Racing Engine Air Filter Part number 48-1012 10 inches tall 5 inch diameter Replaces OEM 715900394 Fits 2016-Current Defenders HD5, HD8, and HD10's both 3 and 6 seat machines Fits 2018-Current Maverick Trail 800 and 1000 Fits 2019-Current Maverick Sport 1000
  • New All Balls Racing fuel sending unit. Part numbers: 47-1027 1009-0128 Will ship as pictured, sending unit, pump, cap and gasket. Replaces part numbers: 709000836 709001056 Found on: Maverick X3 Maverick Sport Maverick Trail If you have fitment questions please let us know, we are here to help.